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General information

Naval Electronics AB was founded in Sweden in 1971. With an objective to always offer the best possible products for Radio and TV reception at sea, the company grew to be the marked leader in this field for many years. At it's peak the company was operational in more than 40 countries with installations on thousands of vessels all over the world.

The company was sold to Thrane&Thrane in 2009, which later became Cobham. In 2013, Cobham decided to close down the Swedish office and relocate all production to Denmark. In 2017 the era of Naval products came to and end when all products was announced at "End of life".

"SEAS" replaces "Naval"

All SEAS products are based on the same technical specifications and quality as Naval, which enables most Naval products to be 1-2-1 replaced with SEAS. As an example, the Naval Mark 20/22/30/32 antennas are all directly replacable with SEAS6000.

All SEAS products are designed with up-to-date technology and adhere to the newest relevant marine classification.

A core difference to Naval is that Sea Systems do not offer a direct eqvivalent to the Naval CAS system with it's many different modules to choose from. With just three sizes of SEAS line amplifiers, all with build in standard modules, any coax distribution system; small, medium or large, is easilly configured.

With SEAS products throughout your TV & radion distribution, signals are perfectly balanced, free from any intereference and requires no maintenance.


Hoje temos o orgulho de dizer que trabalhamos com os melhores distribuidores marítimos de todo o mundo. Temos uma rede bem estabelecida de profissionais em todo o mundo, prontos para cuidar de suas necessidades.

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  1. Marcado como líder em desempenho, design e qualidade.
  2. Fácil de instalar.
  3. Sem problemas de interferência.
  4. Nenhum serviço necessário.
  5. Entrega no prazo diretamente do depósito.
  6. Bom suporte técnico, sempre pronto para atender.

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