Marine IPTV

What is it? The name IPTV stand for Internet Protocol Television, which simply means that all television content is being communicated using the internet protocol. How is this different from normal television? With normal television signals are transmitted via light pulses in fiber optic cables or as radio waves in a coaxial cable. Viewers can simply tune into the program or film that the broadcaster is transmitting at that given time. IPTV is different as it is transmitted via internet cables also called CAT-6. It allows viewers to request a particular film, program or song to play. IPTV allows for so called two-way communication, which opens upp a world of new interactive possibilities such as video-on-demand, time-shifted TV etc.

Marine IPTV

Almost 2/3 of the world's surface is covered with water. An important part of crew welfare at sea is the ability to watch television and listen to radio. For vessels sailing in the deep sea or across oceans, the only option today is to install expensive satellite antennas and subscribe to expensive TV and or Internet Services.

When it comes to marine IPTV there are a number of serious companies on the marked. One aspect that is common for most leading solutions is that they do more than just provide entertainment in the form of TV, radio and music. IPTV generally got it's break through in the hotel business where hotel owners required complex administration systems for billing of rooms etc. These features was later lifted into the marine area as crew or passenger administration. In the marine marked IPTV got it's break through in the Cruising industry and later the Offshore industry, both with very huge requirements for features and integration with safety system, PAGA, CCTV, crew & passenger administration, payment systems etc. With a world of possibilities it is no surprise that these fully integrated IPTV solutions comes with a high pricetag. At this cost a many owners, especially of smaller vessels, unfortunately turn down Marine IPTV and look for  other ways to deliver basic entertainment.


The aim when deloping SEAS9000 was to offer a serious marine IPTV solution for those owners who normally cannot afford "the fully integrated" IPTV solution. To accomplish this our team went back to the core of simply delivering great TV entertainment via coax, IP and Wi-Fi networks. To include small vessels, the solution is highly modular making most project affordable compared to alternatives. Recognising that safety is priority one in marine environments SEAS9000 does include infortainment features allowing for safety videos to play as well as providing general information to crew and passengers. The solution is build on open source APIs, which allows for "easy" integration of future features. With the SEAS9000 handbook and a little training, the solution is straight forward to setup, configure and has very low maintenance. Highlights:

  1. Compact design.
  2. Scalable IPTV Portal with start package for 1-25 televisions.
  3. Easy to customize with different receivers and output modules to choose from.
  4. Multiscreen support for display on TVs as well as mobile devices.
  5. TV/radio channels can be streamed over coax, IP and Wi-Fi networks.
  6. Interactive features such as recording, pause, rewind options.
  7. Video on demand (VOD), TV on demand (TVOD).
  8. Edit & broadcast messages, information and presentations.
  9. Intuitive interface viewers and admin.
  10. Robust design for reliable operation in marine conditions.


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  1. Marked leading performance, design and quality.
  2. Easy to install.
  3. No interference issues.
  4. No Service required.
  5. On-Time-Delivery directly from warehouse.
  6. Good technical support, always ready to assist.
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Compact design.

Cost effecient.

Easy installation.

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