Worldwide Marine Broadband TV/Radio Amplifiers

SEAS marine amplifiers have long served the Navy, Merchant Vessels, Work Boats and Fine Yachts all over the world. The amplifiers combine industry-leading technology with an intuitive robust design that is ideally suited to withstand the tough range of marine conditions.

The work range of all SEAS amplifiers is 100KHz to 1000MHz, covering worldwide AM/FM/DAB+ radio and TV channels.

About the obsolete Naval Amplifiers

The Amplifiers from Naval Electronics came either as different modules for the "CAS system", which was Navals headend configured for a 19" rack. Or, the amplifiers also came a Line Amplifiers, which could work alone for smaller vessels or function as line extension units for bigger vessels (many cabins). Naval Electronics offered numerous configurations with different filters and modules, which enabled tailoring for specific projects, but also required good product knowledge at the same time as it required a lot of SKU to cover in stock. 

The new SEAS way

With new technology comes new possibilities. In order to make configuration, installation and stock keeping as easy as possible we decided to drop the idea of the complex "CAS system" and simply design three new Line Amplifiers; small, medium and large. All obsolete Naval amplifiers can be replaced with one of these amplifiers because all the needed filters and modules come build-in as standard.

With four+ decades of expertise within broadband marine communication, we quaranty that our amplifiers are the very best replacement for the now obsolete Naval Amplifiers from Naval Electronics AB. Please see an overview of replacement in the cross reference list below:

Direct replacements

  • PSA 30V is replaces by SEAS4020
  • PSA 30V-1 is replaces by SEAS4020
  • PSA 30V-2 is replaces by SEAS4020
  • PSA 30V-3 is replaces by SEAS4020
  • PSA350 1-2 is replaces by SEAS4030
  • PSA350 3-4 is replaces by SEAS4030
  • PSA350 S/ALC is replaces by SEAS4030
  • PSA3500 ALC is replaces by SEAS4040/4041/4042
  • A3540 is replaces by SEAS4040/4041/4042
  • A3550 is replaces by SEAS4040/4041/4042
  • A3550/O is replaces by SEAS4040/4041/4042
  • A3551 is replaces by SEAS4040/4041/4042
  • A3552 is replaces by SEAS4040/4041/4042
  • A3560 is replaces by SEAS4040/4041/4042
  • A3565 is replaces by SEAS4040/4041/4042
  • A3566 is replaces by SEAS4040/4041/4042

Possible replacements

  • PS3522 is replacable with SEAS4020




is fully replacable with

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