Worldwide Marine Broadband TV/Radio Antenna

The omnidirectional SEAS6000 is a quality marine antenna serving the Navy, Merchant Vessels, Work Boats and Fine Yachts all over the world. The antenna combines industry-leading technology with an intuitive robust design that is ideally suited to withstand the tough range of marine conditions.

Aside from receiving worldwide AM/FM and TV the antenna is also capable of receiving the newer DAB+ radio frequencies. It comes fully configures with the latest filters/wavetraps to avoid interference from e.g. LTE/4G and 5G radio traffic. 

With four+ decades of expertise within broadband marine communication, we quaranty that SEAS6000 is also the very best replacement for the now obsolete Mark antennas from Naval Electronics AB listed below:

  • Naval Mark 32ALC
  • Naval Mark 30ALC
  • Naval Mark 22CA
  • Naval Mark 20CA
  • Nargentus
  • TDA3
  • VPA30

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is fully replacable with

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